Timberart Furniture Collections

Timberart Bespoke Designer Furniture

At Timberart we offer you five furniture collections; Eclipse, Signature, Silver Slip, Cargo River, and Riparian. They can be customized to your choice of timber, colour and size.

You can view the furniture collections by clicking on the left side menu of this page.

Many of Timberart furniture collection pieces are displayed in Timberart Design Centre at Kunda Park on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland.

You are always welcome to stop by for a viewing, or make an appointment to meet with Timberart's designer Matthew Crane. We are open weekdays from 8 am till 4 pm, after hours and Saturdays are available by appointment.

Additionally to our designed collections, we offer custom made designer furniture. We design and manufacture any type of furniture fit to your residence. 

Designer Kitchen Furniture